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Sports Betting Trends to Look Out for

Top 7 Sports Betting Trends to Look into This Year

Sports betting has experienced a dramatic increase over the last couple of decades. It offers plenty of opportunities for businesspeople to invest and succeed in the profitable betting market. With technology advancements and a growing public interest in gambling, this sector will experience rapid growth shortly.

The sports betting market is becoming more powerful, high-tech, and prone to success and expansion in the coming years due to ongoing improvements and additions to its trends. Several elements, including the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies and increasing the number of players, fully illustrate why this business is attracting investors worldwide.

What Are Sports Betting Trends in General?

Technological breakthroughs have significantly impacted the gaming industry. Several significant sports betting organizations are working to simplify their systems and give users a satisfying experience. In the next five years, the global online sports betting market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 10.23%. Also, the industry is expected to grow due to female casino patronage and cashless payment options. Blockchain and virtual reality technology are also likely to promote the expansion of the online sports betting market. A study by Lund University in Sweden found that the simplicity of accessing a comprehensive list of betting markets via desktop or mobile devices enhanced consumer interest in online betting platforms.

Due to its growing popularity, online sports betting is mostly used for tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and the European Championships. Tennis and horse racing are other sports where online betting is common. Many online sports betting organizations support various teams as part of their marketing campaigns and tactical diversifications. Businesses are now boosting their Esports betting offerings as well. For instance, the sports betting and media corporation Rivalry Corp. stated in September 2022 that it was expanding its product line to include the casino industry. Users of Rivalry in these areas can now choose to play and wager on Aviator, a well-known online game in the "crash" genre. An Isle of Man license allows for the online sale of this product.

List of Top 7 Sports Betting Trends in 2023

1. The Popularity of Physical Casinos Is Declining

The gambling sector had long been associated with physical casinos, slot machines, and poker games. In contrast, everything was altered by COVID-19. Due to the upheaval it has brought about in the sector, incidences of fraudulent identities have also surged, posing various KYC issues for online gambling and sports betting platforms. For bookies, betting on the Esports portal is a game-changer since it enables new data-driven client gets, more precise betting, and fewer opportunities for in-game betting. Although FIFA-style online gaming may have been popular during the outbreak, DOTA 2 didn't enjoy the same popularity. Although Esports betting was a significant online sports trend this year, we doubt it will do so again in 2022.

2. The Popularity of Mobile Casino Games will Rise

Convenience is something that mobile casinos provide that traditional land-based casinos do not. During COVID-19, the use of mobile apps for slots and table games surged in popularity, and this trend appears to be continuing.

Consider it a conflict between movie theaters and Internet streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Although the former won't become obsolete, the latter has managed to interfere with consumers' viewing experiences. The simplest and most practical option for anyone to bet from anywhere is to register, deposit, play poker online, and check out the latest sports betting trends app.

3. Industrial Transformation with IoT and VR

Virtual reality (VR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) can potentially upend the gambling sector. VR headsets are becoming increasingly common and will soon revolutionize the online gaming experience. It is comparable to the poker Metaverse. A user doesn't need to travel to enter a virtual casino physically. It enables users to interact with players worldwide in virtual reality. Numerous gambling websites have previously been charged with failing to address cybersecurity and transparency. By utilizing blockchain technology, these problems can be solved.

4. Cryptocurrency will Promote Online Gambling in Secret

Despite FTX's demise, cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere. Because of cryptocurrencies' unmatched anonymity, it is profitable for users to wager without using credit cards. For gamers who prefer to feel secure utilizing cryptocurrencies over conventional payment methods, cryptocurrency gaming offers a distinctive experience.

5. Legalizing the Gambling Sector

Among all other trends, the legalization of gaming opens the door for greater adoption rates in the sector. It will result in better adoption rates as more online and offline people start to participate in sports betting. Just in 2018, the US federal government legalized gambling, but each state has its own set of rules and laws governing it. We may expect to see the gambling sector legalized in several US states and nations worldwide in the upcoming years, specifically in 2023.

6. Online Equine Racing to Return to Form

Outside of Las Vegas, horse racing was regarded as a legitimate form of gambling in the US until 1978. Nevertheless, with the internet and cable TV introduction, horse racing's popularity plummeted due to animal cruelty and various other gambling possibilities. According to sources, Zed Run is reviving horse racing on the internet. It is comparable to play2earn games, where you make investments using cryptocurrency and then sell your characters to receive rewards. Zed Run is the same way. Horses that players produce have varying chances of winning the race. The business levies a minimal "stud fee" for breeding. Gamers purchase entries into the virtual races and breed their horses. They receive their share of the prize money should they win.

7. Brick-and-mortar Casinos should Expand the Services They Offer

Poker, blackjack, slots, and roulette are still only offered at traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, as they have been for many years. We've learned from experience in business always to diversify your risks and make thoughtful choices. It is never a given that anything will continue to enjoy the same popularity in the future just because it is popular today. Only those able to diversify their risks and adjust to changing sports betting industry trends can stay afloat in a highly competitive market. While most poker players are over 40 and still enjoy playing traditional games, the world has changed. Casinos must quickly adapt and provide skill-based games to keep millennials and older generations interested and compete with the best online bookmakers.

List of the Best Online Bookmakers for Your Profit

Here’s the complete list of online bookmakers who are offering some of the best services in 2023:

1. OddStake

2. Bovada

3. BetOnline

4. EveryGame

5. Cloudbet

6. Wild Casino

7. True Flip

How to Use Sports Betting Trends with Maximum Effect?

Authorities state that one of the most important betting techniques successful professional handicappers utilize to uncover value in the sports betting market is tracking betting trends data. The two straightforward betting strategies we'll discuss below make use of our special public betting trends data to yield winners consistently. You'll be able to tell which teams the general public and the Sharps are supporting.

Wagering Against the General Public

Using the exclusive betting trends data, one of the most well-liked and straightforward "how to win" betting tactics is betting against the public (also known as contrarian betting). Bet against the public, according to the basic logic. It makes sense to wager against whichever team the public is stacking up on.

Sports Insights was the first to employ analysis of public betting trends (betting percentages) to uncover value in the sports betting industry. Sportsbooks are typically compelled to adjust the line to draw bets on the opposing team when the public loads up on one side of the wager, lowering their risk. Because of the enormous inflow of public funds, the betting market occasionally behaves irrationally, and you sometimes gain an extra 1–2 points on a wager. Long-term, this will raise your winning percentage by 3% to 4%, and betting against the public is effective for all major American sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAFB, NCAAB, and NHL).

Backward Line Movement

The reverse line movement betting technique searches for betting line movement that deviates from the percentages of the general public betting trends. For instance, Oakland Raiders +14 vs. Indianapolis Colts -14. 80% of bets are being made on Indianapolis, according to Sports Insights, although the line has changed to make Indianapolis -13.

There is evidence that significant bets, or "smart money," are placed on Oakland by an individual or betting group. You would instantly look for a bookmaker that offered Oakland +14 before placing your wager. Although this approach is incredibly effective, it necessitates patience and quick timing. Our line watcher and line predictor are great tools for keeping an eye on these line shifts and taking advantage of them.

Final Thoughts

Sports betting is any financial bet made by two or more people on the result of a sporting event. It makes no difference if the wager is $1 or $1 million or whether the sporting event will occur today, tomorrow, or months from now. Sports betting is the practice of placing money on an event's outcome. As the market becomes more popular and more players join the bandwagon, the online gambling business is prepared to adapt to the ever-evolving trends.