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Betting Tips for NBA Finals

The Warriors were able to avoid elimination by winning Game 5 in the NBA finals against the Toronto Raptors in the last few minutes. The Raptors continue to lead with 3 games won over 2 against the Warriors. If the pre-final’s favorite, The Warriors, can manage to win Game 6, we will have a very dramatic finish. Most experts still give their vote to the Warriors, mostly because of their championship history and because this is one of the best squad they have ever had. Will they pull it off? Even if this is your first time betting on the NBA, watch Game 6 as it’s going to be one of the most epic finals in NBA history. Jersey locals can head over to live betting lines at 888 Sport New Jersey for some crazy odds as the game happens.

During Game 5 the Raptors had the game secured all the way to the very end with a six point lead with just two minutes remaining in the buzzer, but a fast reaction by the Warriors who scored 9 points straight to win the game in an agonizing 106 to 105. The NBA would already have a new reigning champion if Kyle Lowry had not failed a three pointer at the last second. The Raptors have never won the NBA while the Warriors are one of the most dominant teams with 6 wins, including last season.

While the Warriors made an incredible come back and remain with hopes of winning the championship, Game 6 brings bad news for the team. Kevin Durant injured his Achilles hill during Game 5 after scoring 11 points in an incredible comeback after months of absence. Durant will undergo MRI examination to determine if he can play, but most likely he won’t. Kevon Looney is another player that did not fully recover from the chest injury that has pained him the entire season.

The Raptors still lead the series 3-1 and can take more risks during Game 6 after knowing how worn down their rivals are. Kawhi Leonard has been incredible and consistent with The Raptors all season long, and is now being labeled as one of the best NBA players of all time. His counterpart in The Warriors, Kevin Durant, is facing injury and will just make things easier for Kawhi.

That said, The Warriors are not Milwaukee and will be more difficult to overcome. Most analysts are giving the Warriors a chance to win Game 5 and 6, despite the fact they began the finals at a low note and now have key players injured. Experience counts though, especially on tactical games like basketball and this last breathtaking win can shift the winds for the Warriors. Steph Curry and Draymond Green are playing at the top of their level to overcome Durant’s status. Add to this the combination of Curry and Klay Thompson and the Warriors still have enough bench to overcome Leonard and company.

With Durant out of the picture, Kawhi Leonard can either guard Steph Curry to block his isolation scoring or guard Draymond Green and blow up the pick and roll, something that will certainly happen with Durant out of the game. Kawhi now has more room to score without Durant, as he was one of the few to match him in the one to one. Andre Iguodala is also out for the moment, another capable to block Kawhi. There isn’t a single player right now in the Warriors side that can match Fred ValVleet’s scoring for the Raptors.

Although most analysts agree The Warriors are in a terrible position right now and The Raptors are a very strong squad, this team is considered one of the best ever and can’t envision them losing the finals. The next game will see a lot of defense action from both sides, with an attempt by the Raptors to dominate the first half. Most probably the final score will foreshadow Game 5, with a close call.

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