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What kind of bonuses can bettors in Kenya come across for the UEFA Champions League


This year’s UEFA Champions League final will put together two of the world’s top-tier football clubs. Inter and Manchester City will give everything they got, which means that people who like betting on football in countries like Kenya will have access to a lot of options.

Some sites for betting on soccer do not offer them that many options, but with the 1xbet promo code for Kenya, new users can enjoy an attractive welcome bonus and use it when betting on this sport. Most operators’ perks can be used for football, and people can use them while wagering.

Even though there will be tons of different alternatives for the UEFA Champions League’s final available in Kenya, only a few of them will be truly worth it, so let’s learn more about them.

Free bets

The most sought-after reward for betting on final match of the UCL is the free bet. This is an offer that can only be accessed in some countries because the strict gambling laws in others do not allow it. Speaking of such laws, Kenya is different, meaning that football fans who want to wager on the best clubs in England and Italy will most likely have a free bet.

Considering that this will be the final of the world’s biggest club competition, the free bet might be a bit different from what most people are used to. Sure, bettors can find an option that will let them bet on the final score, but most free bets may only work in the first or second half.

Another key thing to consider about the free bets for the UCL final is that they will only be available to new users. There might be a few sites in Kenya where users can obtain free bets, but operators usually grant these bonuses to newly registered members because this lets them become more popular. 


Cashback is another popular football betting bonus available in Kenya, and people can use it in the Inter Milan vs Manchester City match. The latter offers bettors more confidence due to the fact that the operator can give them a percentage of the funds they will lose. In other words, it gives them some kind of insurance.

The main difference between the cashback bonuses for football betting in Kenya is in the percentage. Some propositions will grant a 10% rakjeback, which doesn’t look special for a UCL final. However, many sites see an opportunity to satisfy their existing customers, which means that they can offer a more impressive cashback proposal.

A key thing to read before using such a reward is to make sure that you can use it while betting on all markets. Many of the cashback perks for the UEFA Champions League final will only work if people choose the classic Over/Under option. That said, certain perks may also be available if users decide to punt on the FT score or the different handicap options.

Boosted odds

The last popular football betting promotion that people in Kenya may have access to when they decide to wager on the UEFA Champions League is boosted odds. Everyone likes higher odds, so bookies see the final in this prestigious competition as an excellent opportunity to show everyone that they have more attractive odds.

The problems with these perks are similar to the ones with cashback because the extra odds will work if users punt on certain markets. Moreover, this promotion may become available only if online bettors decide to wager over a specific amount of money. Therefore, it is very important for iGaming fans to read the rules. 

Other kinds of perks

Alongside the offers mentioned above, many of the big bookmakers in Kenya and in other countries worldwide may come up with even more offers for the UCL final. The match between Inter and Manchester City will take place on June 10, so there is still time to take a look at all the big iGaming names and see what they have to offer.