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The most promising athletes to keep an eye on throughout this season’s UEFA Champions League Round of 16 matchups.

The UCL has never been so balanced with so many top tier teams from all across Europe. The more time passes the more each of the partaking clubs begin to shine equally and the more thrilling and exciting the Champion’s League becomes. This year we can see that it doesn’t matter which country the team comes from as all of the competing clubs have world class athletes with unforeseen levels of skill and potential. We’re sure this year’s high-variety season will keep us well on our toes till the very end, and here’s some of the players that we are most excited to see throughout the coming games in February 2022;

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Romelu Lukaku - Chelsea FC

Chelsea's destructive frontline will be led by the Belgian Striker. So far, Lukaku has netted eleven strikes across thirty one Europa League matches. There are plenty more victories in store for him, though, given his present state. He is also surrounded by high-quality opportunities.

Within his first two international matches, he already scored three goals. We can safely say Romelu Lukaku is now on a roll. In spite of the presence of Juve, Chelsea should be able to handle Lille Olympique with relative ease. However, the Blues will need Romelu to get things off to a good start if they are to challenge for the championship this season.

Joshua Kimmich - Bayern Munich

He stands amongst the most talented adaptable athletes in this generation, Kimmich has become an essential part of Bayern Munich's game.

Kimmich is just 26 years old, yet he already exhibits the overall maturity of someone much older. With Bayern Munich, he's officially played in over one hundred and eighty games. He was also a big part of their historic 2019-20 season when they won the treble . The UCL squad of the Year, the UEFA Club of the Season, and the UCL Defender of the year were all included in Kimmich's honors.

Inside and outside the field, Kimmich shows commitment, maturity and authority. He will indeed be the driving force behind Bayern Munich's powerful squad once more and will lead them ahead into the knockout stages of the Champions League, against RB Salzburg.

Federico Chiesa - Juventus

Season 2020-21 has been a great year for Juventus's star player in 2021 as well as the best season of his lifetime so far.

Chiesa tallied 14 screamers wearing the black & white striped shirt last year, the third-most in the team. During his debut year in Europe's best club tournament, he netted four goals in 8 Ucl matches. Alvaro Morata (six goals) and Cristiano Ronaldo (four) were the top scorers in the Juve team.

Chiesa is now a major member of Juventus' team after his exploits at the European tournament. They beat Malmo & Zenit out of the group stages, and they are qualifying into the rounds of 16 to play against Villareal. However, the Old Lady's ability to go farther in the tournament may rest on his competence and dedication.

Virgil Van Dijk - Liverpool

Injury in his ACL held the Dutch legend out for the complete season last year at the Euros. As a result, they were eliminated from the tournament against Real Madrid in their quarter finals game without a figurative central defender.

But he has returned to the heart of Liverpool's defenses. To win a seventh regional championship, he is essential to the team's progress this year and should play an important role. Van Dijk also seems to have a proven track record of bringing his team to the top, earning the EPL title in 2018-19 and the UEFA Men's Player of the Season during his time at Southampton. Three straight years between 2017-19 to 2019-20, he was named as one of the UEFA T.O.T.S. candidates.

The Reds faced a difficult group containing Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, and Porto, however thanks to the return of the Dutchman, the Reds have advanced into the knockout stages where they will be coming up against Inter Milan.

For the upcoming year, PSG will have an abundance of high-profile players on its roster. Due to the recent transfer window controversy, he'll be under a great deal of pressure.

Kilyan Mbappe

It's possible that Kylian Mbappe does have the greatest shot of winning the UCL tournament. Messi, Neymar, Hakimi and Ramos, are just a few of the top-tier athletes who surround him on the pitch. But this year, Mbappe will indeed be Paris Saint Germain's most important player. To carry on triumphing in Paris, he may end up staying.