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Self-exclusion on gambling sites explained

Online gambling is fun, exciting and potentially profitable for those who are lucky enough as to beat the proverbial house edge. As long as people bet a sum that they can afford to lose and don’t spend excessive amounts of money or time gambling, casino games can be an excellent pastime. Some players, however, fall off the wagon and some even succumb to the insidious threat of gambling addiction. There are plenty of ways to mitigate the risks, but when players realize that they are no longer in control, the self-exclusion tool remains the most reliable solution.

What is Self-Exclusion and How Does it Work?

The name pretty much speaks for itself, as self exclusion is a facility that allows players to take a temporary break from gambling. Unlike other solutions which are susceptible to compromises and as a result, post certain risks, self exclusion is a definitive solution. Players who decide that they want to take a break from gambling for a minimum of six months can resort to this instrument. Ideally, players should have the resolve to stay away from the games of their own volition. The beauty of self exclusion is that the gambling business is expected to take reasonable steps to prevent players from gambling.

Gambling operators and sites like PlayUK online slots are compelled by regulators to offer players the option of self exclusion. If gamblers choose to activate this facility, the casino is supposed to close the account and return the money available. On top of that, gambling operators must delete all the information from their marketing databases. This is important to prevent newsletters and other advertising content from reaching the players who decide to take a break from gambling. Since many casinos are a part of large gambling groups, players won’t be targeted by advertisements offering the same type of gambling.

When Should Players Resort to Self Exclusion?

This is a very important question and unfortunately one that doesn’t have a clear-cut answer. That’s because gambling can become a problem at any point and its negative consequences can affect players differently. Players are advised to take precautions as soon as they notice that gambling has negative effect on their lifestyle. Ideally, if preemptive measures are taken at the right time, the radical solution of self exclusion would be necessary. This is usually the last line of defense, for players who realize that they are no longer in control of their gambling and need to take radical action.

When players choose to self exclude from online gambling, they can also suggest the length of the break. On average, players won’t be allowed to gamble for six months, which should be a decent amount of time to get their things in order. Once the decision is made and players activate the self exclusion facility, there will be no way back. That’s why it’s so important to think things through and contemplate all the alternative solutions before resorting to self exclusion.