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Online sports betting VS traditional book makers

Most sports fans deal with online sports betting. Only a few get engaged in or are even aware of traditional bookmakers. Keeping this in mind, as an Irish, it is a challenge to come across an online sports betting site made to satisfy its Irish players. Well, you don’t have to look any further for the best online casino Ireland designed to meet the desires of Irish players.

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Being a sports fan and a betting fanatic, you wonder about the difference between online sports betting and traditional bookmakers. Continue reading this article and at the end, you will have all the information you need about online sports betting and traditional bookmakers.

Which is most preferred?

Online sports betting is when bets are placed with the aid of the internet using either a phone, a tablet, or a computer. Contrary to this, traditional bookmakers are when bets are made at the sports venue or in a betting shop.

Which between the two is the better betting option? Or should it be better to play online poker Canada instead? Well in my view I don’t think that one method is better than the other. It all depends on your preferences. I would therefore advise you to try out both the online and offline methods to know which one you best prefer. There are merits and demerits of each that I highlight below.

Online Sports Betting

Benefits of online betting.

1. Cash-out: With cash-out, you can get a partial refund after placing an incorrect wager or close your bet if things are not going your way to minimize loss. It also secures part of potential profit if your bets are winning.

2. Excellent odds: Betting online enables you to have access to lots of bookmakers. You can even lay and back odds with betting exchanges.

3. No travel hassles. You do not waste time traveling as all you need is an internet connection and a smart device and you can place your bets no matter where you are.

4. Live to bet and live streaming. Aside from the fact that you can wager live from a stand while you follow your local team in action, you can wager on multiple sporting events weekly. You can also watch many competitions and fixtures happening all over the world. Even casino fans can engage in live dealer casino games.

5. It is secure, safe, and easy. You don’t have to carry around loads of cash as you can top up your betting account using e-wallets, betting shops, or even vouchers.

6. Wide selection of betting markets. Betting online offers a variety of choices you can bet on for a single sporting event.

7. No schedule. There is no schedule as to when to place your bets as you can do it 24/7.

8. Winnings payouts are instant: You get your winnings in a matter of minutes once the match ends.

9. A wealth of promotions: Several offers come along with betting online such as mobile betting bonuses, enhanced odds, and reload bonuses.

10. Total privacy: Betting is in a surrounding you feel most comfortable in.

Drawbacks of online betting.

1. Potential account problems: Online sportsbooks have to either close or limit accounts to protect their business from arbitrage betting, gambling laws, or match-fixing.

2. Betting scams: If you don’t stick to legitimate gambling sites, you will end up being a victim of phishing.

3. Addiction: Many can get tempted to bet on more matches than intended therefore spending more money than initially planned.


Traditional Bookmakers

Pros of traditional bookmakers.

1. Multiple bonuses. With traditional bookmakers, you can boost odds on your Acca bets.

2. Social experience: Some prefer to be present in the sporting event for the thrill that comes along with it, then you can get that experience from a traditional bookmaker.

3. Fast payout. As long as you make it to the shop within store hours, you can collect your winnings minutes after the end of a match.

Cons of traditional bookmakers.

1. Incorrect wagers. Due to an agent’s mistake, either having misheard you or mistyped a horse’s name, you can lose on a wager you would have otherwise won.

2. Extra expenses. Extra costs such as beverages and food and even travel costs add expenses to your budget.

3. Inability to bet. Due to reasons such as a long cue, not getting to the bookies in time can prevent you from placing a bet.

4. Live betting is slow. Due to long queues, live betting gets slow thus limiting the bets you can place.

With the information discussed above, you can therefore decide on which kind of betting works best for you.