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How The Premier League Will Honor Covid-19 Victims And Upcoming Games

Wear your pride and scream with joy, football fans: the Premier League is back! The English football league will finally be back in the field after more than three months of being out of the field due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus or covid-19. The League will kick it off once more on June 17, 2020, resuming on two games that were left behind when it was suspended abruptly and finishing other previously lined up matches.

In the past three months, many Premier League fans have developed a new hobby in the absence of the football league that they love. Some have learned to play in an online casino India with Rupees, and some have started a new physical hobby. But now that it’s back and there is no stopping it, here are some of the things you should know about the return of the Premier League: how they will honor the fallen heroes of covid-19, and what changes fans can expect under what most people call as the “new normal.”

A minute of ‘silence’

In honor of all of the people who have fallen victim to the coronavirus disease, Premier League had announced that all of its clubs will be giving a full minute of silence before each match. This is to pay tribute not only for the ordinary people who have died of covid-19 but also to the health worked who have worked in the front lines of the medical war against this pandemic.

Additionally, the League has agreed to use heart-shaped badged in honor of the NHS frontline staff. These badges would be worn on kits used by the League.

Health and safety measures to be implemented

Part of the conditions that were asked by the government before being allowed to be back to the field is the presence of strict health and safety protocols. While the threat of covid-19 is believed by many to have been “flattened” somehow, it is, however, not gone yet. As most experts say, it will never be gone--unless a vaccine that is safe and works finally gets developed. With that in mind, the Premier League will also implement health safety protocols both for their players and staff as well as the people who will be watching the matches.

First off in the long list of these measures is the limitation of audiences and the total number of people allowed in the stadium. All in all, there will be only a total of 300 people to be allowed in each stadium at a time, and this number already includes all players and other Premier League staff, who would be situated in the “red zone.”

Before each game, a designated team would work on intensively cleaning and disinfecting everything in the field: from corner flags to goalposts, and even substitution boards and match balls. This same, deep cleaning process would be done after each game as well.

During the game, substitution boards will be disinfected right after use as well. As for players and other officials, their travels to and from the game would be strictly monitored and reported, making sure that strict physical distancing is followed in and even out of the game.

Testing on players and staff

As another part of the preparations before they officially reopen games in the field, the Premier League also did mass testing of all their players and employees.

In testing that took place from June 8 to June 9, 2020, the Premier League managed to conduct covid-19 tests in a total of 1,213 players and staff. So far, one was announced to be positive for the disease.